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Title : Second Corrigendum for Tender / EoI
Publish Date : Aug 10 2017 12:00AM
Description :
             Second Corrigendum for Tender / EoI
(NIFFT/Tender-EoI/07/2017/622 dated 09th August, 2017)

C. Tender Advertisement for procurement of Major Equipment (NIFFT/Tender-EoI/07/2017/556 dt. 05th July, 2017)
Annexure ‘B’-Dept. of Forge Technology
Sl. No. 1 Name of the Instrument: 250 KN Servo Hydraulic High Strain Rate Universal Testing Machine
Revised Technical Specification
1 Loading Frame:
  • Vertical Test Space (between load cell & actuator top position): 1200 mm or higher
4 Hydraulic Power Pack:
  • Minimum flow rate 130 LPM or better at 415V AC, 50Hz for Hydraulic Power Pack at Constant Pressure (Minimum pressure 207 bar) of Hydraulic Oil Supply to meet the test applications, strain rates and frequencies as mentioned above
6 Soft ware:
  • Windows 10 preferable but if the software’s are not support by windows 10 then Windows 7.0 based Software prefer or higher, facilitating basic operation of the UTM
7 Standard Accessories: (A)Set of dynamic rated, hydraulic non-shift (Slip) wedge grip……remaining same
(B)3-Point bending Tool
  • One set of upper rollers (mandrels) 20 to 40 mm dia.
  • 1 Set of lower rollers 20 to 40 mm dia.
(C)Fracture Mechanics Clevis Grips for Compact Tension (CT) Specimens:
Specimen Thickness:          12.5 mm
Specimen Width:                 25 mm
Remaining Same
(D) Fracture Mechanics Clip-on COD Gages
  • Travel               +2.5 or higher
Remaining Same
(E) Alignment Fixture
Alignment fixture should provide to minimize bending strains in axial testing and for LCF Test
8 Optional Accessories: Chiller cooling system for power pack with the basic machine should be provided.
IV. High Temperature Forging Application compression facility with heating zone dia. of 80 - 100mm for temp up to 1200 - 1300˚C with specific heating rate (Temp. regulation accuracy                ±0.5 to 1 °C)
Induction Heating Furnace:
Induction heating system – Up to 1000˚C for top and bottom platen (Die)
Induction heating system – I.H.S. for Billet up to 1200 - 1300˚C
heating rate: 10°C/Sec or more
Vi. High Temperature Extensometer
  • Frequency range              ~10Hz ……Not required
Vii. ) High temperature compression platen for forging application
  • Capacity 250 kN
Platen Ø 60 - 80 mm (Suitable compression specimens with Dia 20 to 40mm and height up to 40mm)
Platen temperature - Up to 1000˚C
Billet Temperature: 1200 ˚C or more
  • For round sample (0 – 15 mm Dia.)
For flat sample (0 – 15 mm Thickness)
10 General Requirements & Qualification Criteria
  • Firm offering the product should have supplied similar type of test systems for a minimum period of 5 years preferably to government organizations & institutes in India or any other testing lab may be outside.

(ii)  Annexure ‘C’. Dept. of Foundry Technology:

              (a) Item No. B - Upright Research Metallurgical Microscope with Scientific Digital Camera and Image Analysis Software:
                   Revised Technical Specifications
DExpression of Interest for procurement of Equipment/Software (NIFFT/Tender-EoI/07/2017/557-561 dt. 05th July,2017)

 Equipment for Dept. of Foundry Technology (New Entry):
                           (i) Item No. A - Metal Injection Molding (MIM).
MIM must be comprised of at least following items:
1. Metal Injection Molding Machine
2. Sigma Blade Mixer
3. Pelletiser
4. Debinding unit
5. Sintering Furnace
6. Raw materials to run smoothly for one year 
7. If any other items may be required.

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