Personal Profile of Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh
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Name:Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh
Department: Foundry Technology;
Phone:0651-2292027 (o); +91-9934107324 (M)
Resume :RESUME.pdf

Office Room No: 204, 1st Floor, Faculty Building
Degree (Highest) Discipline Year Institute
Ph. D. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering 1998 I.I.T.  Kanpur
Teaching Interest:
(Including Courses Taught  ADC/B. Tech M. Tech)
Structure-Properties of metals and alloys

Courses taught:

(1) Foundry Technology                   
(2) Technology of special Foundry Processes
(3) Metal Shaping Processes              
(4) Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
(5) Physical Metallurgy                      
(6) Physical Metallurgy and Metallography
(7) Melting and Casting Techniques  
(8) Foundry Tooling and Methoding
(9) Physical Metallurgy of Castings and Forgings
(10) Technology of Ferrous Casting
(11) Advanced Foundry Technology  
Research Interest: Structure-Properties correlation of metals and alloys; Casting design and simulation

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