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S.No.TitleAuthorDepartment NameName Of JournalConference NameYearVolumeIssueNoPageNo
1 testinghhhhhhhhhhhhDASH hhhhh 2019 89715-16105-103
2 Practical Investigation of Weldment of FSS Welded by MIG Welding ProcessMd. Razaullah Khan and A. K. PathakManufacturing EngineeringAdvanced Science, Engineering and Medicine  2018 vol. 10 pp. 313–317
3 A rough sets based edge detector and its performance evaluationShamama Anwar and G. RajamohanManufacturing EngineeringInternational Journal of Engineering Sciences & Emerging Technologies  2018 10358
4 Fractionation of sugarcane molasses distillery wastewater and evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristicsKaushik, A.; Basu*, S.; Batra, V. S.; Balakrishnan, M.Applied Science and HumanitiesInd Crops Prod.  2018 178 73
5 Concentrating molasses distillery wastewater using biomimetic forward osmosis (FO) membranes,N. Singh, I. Petrinic, C. Hélix-Nielsen, S. Basu*, M. BalakrishnanApplied Science and HumanitiesWater Research  2018    
6 Moth-Flame Optimization based Algorithm for FACTS Devices Allocation in a Power SystemShubhu Saurav, Vikash Kumar Gupta and Sudhanshu Kumar MishraApplied Science and Humanities International Conference on Innovations in information Embedded and Communication Systems (ICIIECS) 2017    
7 Isoparametric lines-based sampling for measurement of freeform surfacesG. RajamohanManufacturing Engineering International Conference on Precision Engineering (COPEN 10) 2017    
8 Practical Investigation of Weldment of FSS (AISI 430) Welded by TIG Welding ProcessMd Razaullah Khan, A. K. Pathak and Nishant NavinManufacturing EngineeringInternational Journal of Engineering and Management Research  2017 v-7issue-1pp 39-44
9 Study of Corrosion Behavior of Tig and Mig Welded Joints of Ferritic Stainless Steel (FSS) (Aisi-430) in Different EnvironmentsJince P Mathew, Dr. Binod Kumar, Dr. A. K. Pathak, and Razaullah KhanManufacturing EngineeringInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology  2017 vol. 63pp. 3270-3285.
10 Experimental and Theoretical Thermal Analysis of FSS (AISI 430) Weldment using ANSYSMd Razaullah Khan, A. K. Pathak and Sree Harsha ChManufacturing Engineering Proceedings of International Congress 2017 2017   pp 72-79.
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