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Academic Programme
Master of Technology in Environmental Engineering
Department of Department of Applied Science and Humanities, offers four-semester postgraduate (PG) courses leading to the award of Degree of Master of Technology (M. Tech.) of Ranchi University, Ranchi. The objective of these courses is to develop quality manpower to cater the needs of industries and R&D organizations and also to fulfil the growing need for qualified faculty at the institutions of higher learning. The courses have been designed to meet these objectives while maintaining the highest standards of postgraduate engineering education.
Detail Syllabus Rules and Regulations

Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Department of Applied Science and Humanitiesoffers  doctoral research programmes leading to the award of Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Science.  

1. Research scholars will take courses recommended by the supervisor(s) and approved by REC as a mandatory requirement.
2. Full‐time research scholars with M. E. / M. Tech. degree shall take a minimum of three courses (9credits) and those having any other qualification shall take minimum of three courses (12 credits).
3. Part‐time research scholars shall take a minimum of two courses (6 credits). In both cases (full time and part time), the research scholars must get at least ‘C’ grade in each course.
4. If the grade obtained by a research scholar in any subject is below ‘C’, he/she has to repeat that subject and clear it with a grade not lower than ‘C’.
5. In the event of failure to clear the prescribed course work in four semesters, the registration/admission of the research scholar will be cancelled.
6. Supervisor(s) may recommend more courses to be taken up the scholar, if needed.
7. The prescribed courses shall be postgraduate (M. Tech.) level courses of the Institute. The grade and corresponding grade points will be as per the M. Tech. regulations of the Institute. Special courses may be floated for research scholars after obtaining due approval from Academic Council. 

Information Brochure for PhD
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