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The department is equipped with various equipments required for UG and PG courses of Environmental Engineering, Materials Science Engineering and Electronics. The following main Equipments are available in our department.

1. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
2. U-V visible spectroscopy
3. XRF
4. Muffle furnace
5. Vacuum Coating Unit
6. Electron Beam Gun Attachment
7. Scanning Potentiostatl Galvanostat Workstation
8. Scanning Potentiostati Galvanostat Analog (EG&G, USA, Model-362)
9. Corrosion Software
10. Four Probe Set Up
11. Hall Effect Set Up
12. Microprocessor (8085, 8086)
13. Microcontroller System
14. PLC
15Tranducers with interfacing
Research Areas
1. Development of nano crystalline semiconducting thin film for device applications
2. Characterisation of new materials by XRD, FSEM, EDS, AFM, PL, FTIR, Raman, etc.
3. Surface coatings
4. Interaction of hydrogen with metals.
5. Corrosion of Metals
6. Energy and Environment
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