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Hostels: Home away from Home
Residential facilities are provided to students in four boys’ hostels and one girls’ hostel. The detail about each hostel is provided below.
                    1. Nirala Chatrawas
                    2. Homi J BhabaChatrawas
                    3. M.Visveshwaraya Chatrawas
                    4. Jagdish Chandra Bose Chatrawas
                    5. Kalpana Chawla Chatrawas

Chief Hostel Warden
Dr. Anoop Kumar Sood
e-Mail id: aksood.nifft[at]; anoopkumarsood[at]gmail[dot]com
Office No.: 0651-2292067
Contact no.: +91-9431708593

Hostel's Warden
Type of Hostel Accommodation Types of Room More details
Nirala Chatrawas Dr. Debdas Roy
e-Mail id: 
Contact no.:+91-9474618895
Boys 150 Double/triple Click
H.J.B. Chatrawas Mr. Vineet Chak
e-Mail id: 
Contact no.:+91-8298042604
Boys 300 Double Click
M.V. Chatrawas Dr. Ratnakar Das
e-Mail id: 
Contact no.:+91-9439063696
Boys 176 Single Click
J.C.Bose Chatrawas Mr. Ajit Kumar Pramanick
e-Mail id: 
Contact no.:+91-9748134591
Boys 240 Single Click
Kalpana Chawla Chatrawas    Dr. Partha Sarathi Mondal
e-Mail id: 
Contact no :+91-9536912014
Girls 100 Single/double/triple Click
Visitor No. 3645217