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Students Gymkhana
The Students’ Gymkhana, NIFFT Ranchi is the official students’ representative body of NIFFT. The main role of the Gymkhana is to incorporate corporate life in the blood of students via organizing different cultural and technical programmes & competitions; it also organizes various guest talks and enables the budding technocrats to successfully face the different hurdles outside the campus & become success in their sphere of life. The Students’ Gymkhana also functions as the highest student body in putting their different grievances in front of the institution. The Director, NIFFT functions as its patron & it appoints The Chairman, Students’ Gymkhana amongst the senior faculty members of the institution. The Chairman successfully guides the students in organizing different events & keeps a proper vigil on the students; he/she also helps students in putting their grievances in front of the competent authority of NIFFT. From Students’ side it is led by the President, Students’ Gymkhana & he is assisted by his team of student co-ordinators. The President, Students’ Gymkhana is also the Chief Student Co-ordinator for the institute & his view is generally taken in taking any decision regarding students.
The President along with his team organizes various activities whole among the year and it includes the Annual Cultural & Techno-Management Fest JINKS-Pranav.

Role & Duties

The various roles & duties of the Students’ Gymkhana are as following:-
  • To incorporate corporate life amongst the students & make them competent and bold to face different hurdles outside the campus
  • To successfully organize different cultural & technical events periodically
  • To have guest lecturers from different sphere of life & provide exposure to the students
  • To keep a proper vigil in all other student activities organized by other different student clubs and societies of the NIFFT
  • To successfully organize the Annual Cultural & Techno-Management Fest JINKS-Pranav
  • To assist institute in organizing different activities, conferences, seminars, talks and workshops etc.
  • To put students’ grievances, proposals and demands in front of the competent authority of the institute.
Our Team
Official Body
Sl.No. Designation Name  
1. Patron Dr. P.P. Chattopadhyay
NIFFT Ranchi
Sanjay Kumar
2. Chairman Dr. K.K. Singh
Students’ Gymkhana
K.K Singh
3. Vice Chairman Dr. Ghanshyam Das
 Vice Chairman 
Students’ Gymkhana

Student Body
Sl.No. Designation Name  
1. President Mr. Shashank Priya
Mob. No. :- +91-7250095468
E-mail Id:- shashank.priya93@gmail.com
2. Vice-President Mr. Ramakrishna Chirumalliya
Mob. No. :- +91-8540904898
E-mail Id:- ram512krishna@gmail.com
3. General Secretary Mr. Gaurav
Mob. No. :- +91-9709590707
E-mail Id:- gaurav74703@gmail.com
4. Treasurer Mr. Ranjan Kumar
Mob. No. :- +91-7677015985
 E-mail Id:- ranjankumarmunna5186@gmail.com
5. Jt. Secretary Mr. Anuvrat Dutta
Mob. No. :- +91-8229820295
E-mail Id:- anuvratd@gmail.com
6. Sports Secretary Mr. Siddhant Sudirgh
Mob. No. :- +91-7857841119
E-mail Id:- ssudirgh@yahoo.com


JINKS-Pranav is the annual cultural & techno-management fest of the institute and it is one of the biggest youth fest of the eastern India. It is usually held in the last week of February. The legacy for the JINKS started in the year 1995-96 with small intra-institute events & now after a timeline of two decades it has left imprints on the cultural map of the nation. The President, Students Gymkhana,NIFFT acts its student convenor & Chairman, Gymkhana as its convenor. It has previously hosted entertainers of international repute like Shilpa Rao,Mohit Chauhan,Indian Ocean Mahalaxmi Iyer, Shibani Kashyap, Aditi Singh Sharma, Kumar Vishwas, Padamshree Pt. Sunil Jogi, Padamshree Pt. Gopal Prasad Dubey, Underground Authority and various other.


SAE Club

The SAE club runs the college chapter of SAE International at NIFFT. Students with a flair for automobile design from undergraduate courses join this club. This club has participating for the Baja SAE and SUPRA events conducted by SAE India. The team THRUSTERS also participates in the Formula SAE (FSAE Italy) events competing with teams worldwide and THRUSTERS were declared as the overall winners in Class 3 for the static events and bagged whopping margin for their Business Logic Case and Cost Reports. THRUSTERS is a group of students from National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology, Ranchi, India who have designed, conceived and fabricated a Formula Series Car for the prestigious event Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Italy 2013 held at Varano de' Melegari from Sep 13-16th.



Kartavya is an educational NGO run by undergraduates of NIFFT. It provides support to the underprivileged children who do not have access to good quality educational resources. It also arranges for sponsorship for such children for admission into schools which cover their school and related expenses. It has two study centres at Hatia and Tupudana and planning to extend its exercise.



The Student Activities Centre (SAC) is the place that provides recreation or a good workout for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests alike, to ensure overall development of every student. Being true to its name SAC exhibits high levels of professionalism, and run on a highly revered Constitution, which aim to "Providing the students opportunities for overall personality development with the emphasis on leadership qualities and the spirit of service. "



“NIFFTians don’t play” – If you believe something on these lines, visit the grounds of NIFFT and be amazed. Contrary to the common notion that NIFFTians are students who have devoted all their time to academics, NIFFT provide the best training facilities for sports activities, but also induces the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.
Many students are exposed to a sport for the first time, but it is not long before they become experts in that game. Such is the variety and vibrancy of extracurricular life in NIFFT, that you are destined to find worthwhile and meaningful activities to pursue for every year you spend in this campus. Sports here becomes one of the most cherished part of your NIFFT-life.
Though a cliché, but still very true is the fact that a healthy body hosts a healthy mind. Healthy, in the fullest sense. efficient, quick and un corrupt. Thus, not only does NIFFT provide the best training facilities for sports activities, but also induces the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.
NIFFT provides the students with many opportunities to demonstrate their talent on a platform much wider than their immediate peer circle in the form of events like the PARNAV PRIYADARSHI MEMORIAL INTRA CRICKET TOURNAMENT, NIFFT FOOTBALL LEAGUE, NIFFT VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE, and other intra college sports meets. Active participation in sports therefore makes your body physically fit and the time spent in it lively and enjoyable. It is no less important and educating than other extracurricular and academic activities.



• RUNNER UP IN CHAKRAVYUH -2013 Cricket tournament organised by MERI Kolkata
• SEMI FINALIST IN PARAKRAM-2014 Cricket tournament organised by ISM, Dhanbad.
• Our students have performed well in athletics in PARAKRAM-2013,2014 and won ONE GOLD MEDAL and TWO BRONZE MEDALS.

History The Student Activity Center (SAC), a model facility housing the student body of National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology was started in the academic year 2010–11 and has been successfully indulging in student activities since then. To ensure overall development of every student, SAC provides for all the required facilities. SAC is successfully running under the expert guidance of : Dr. Amitesh Kumar (Prof Dept of ME) and Dr. Manoj Kumar (Chairman NIFFT Student’s Gymkhana)

Division SAC comprises five streams - Technical, Cultural, Sports, Personality Development and Special Interests. These streams have presently twelve clubs under their umbrella viz. Robozone, WebTeam, SAE NIFFT, IIF NIFFT, Music Club, Kartavya, Entrepreneur cell, Alumni cell, Sports club, English Language Club, Photography Club, Guest lectures, Seminar & Conference.

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