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Centralized Computer Centre

About Us:

Central Computer Center (C.C.C.) is mainly concerned to boost the IT Infrastructure Development, Maintenance and Growth of employees and students at NIFFT. It provides Campus Wide Wired Network, Wide Wi-Fi Network, advanced Computing facility and Campus Wide Software.  
Presently, CCC Lab has 120 numbers of Desktop Computer dedicated to provide facilities to students and Recruitment Online Testing. It manages the Institute Email Application and also provides the interface between the Institute and Department. 


Centralized Computer Centre (C.C.C.) comprises of the following members:
                            Dr. Ratnakar Das
                            Member (C.C.C.)
                            Assistant Professor (ME)
                            Dr. Vikash Kumar Gupta
                            Member (C.C.C.)
                            Assistant Professor (DASH)
                           Dr. Jagesvar Verma
                           Member Secretary (C.C.C.)
                           Assistant Professor (ME)
                            Dr. Anoop Kumar Sood
                            Chairman (C.C.C.)
                            Associate Professor (ME)


  • Wired Network
  • Wireless Network
  • Campus Network Security
  • Institute Website
  • Campus Wide Software Licensing
  • Computer Lab
  • Web Mail
System  Desktop Computer ( Intel Core i7 7700, 7 th Gen, 8th GB RAM, 1000GB ROM & Windows 10 professional 
LAN Network Core Switch (Brocade ICX 7750-48F) & Access Switch (Brocade ICX 7250 24 P)
Wi-fi Network (WLC)Wireless LAN Controller & Aruba 7210 & Wireless Access Point (Aruba 325) 
Security UTM (Unified Threat Management), Fortigate 600D
The campus wide wired local area network of the institute encompasses the entire institute and provides a primarily gigabit converged network to all the departments, centers and sections of the institute including their computer laboratories, academic, technical and administrative staff offices, and classrooms. It also extends to the boys and girls student hostels and staff residences.



Mr. Himansu Kumar Behera
System Analyst
Cell No.: +91-7978125015

Visitor No. 5759662